Heavy-Duty Water Discharge Hose for Chiller Applications – EPDM/SBR Tube & Cover – 5″ ID x 5.52″ OD, 150 PSI, -25°F to 180°F – SKU:

Heavy-Duty Water Discharge Hose for Chiller Applications – EPDM/SBR Tube & Cover – 5″ ID x 5.52″ OD, 150 PSI, -25°F to 180°F – SKU:

This heavy-duty water discharge hose is designed for use with chillers. The rugged construction is designed for repeated use. The EPDM tube and cover are formulated to handle glycol solutions used in chiller applications vs. a SBR commonly found in rubber water discharge hoses.

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Introducing our latest offering: our unbeatable heavy-duty water discharge hose, designed exclusively for use with chillers and formulated to withstand even the toughest and most demanding environments. Our hose is what you need to make sure that your chiller applications are up and running without any hitches.

Our heavy-duty water discharge hose stands out from other rubber water discharge hoses in the market which commonly feature an SBR; ours is built with an EPDM tube and cover, formulated to handle glycol solutions. With its black EPDM/SBR tube, this hose promises superior resistance against weathering, chemicals, and abrasions. Its textile reinforcement provides added strength when under pressure, ensuring maximum performance, regardless of how tough and challenging the application is.

This hose’s temperature range of -25°F to 180°F is impressive, and its burst ratio of 03:01:00 (safety factor) and maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI makes it one of the most reliable hoses in the market today. It has an ID of 5 inches and an OD of 5.52 inches, making it an efficient choice for your chiller application needs.

This heavy-duty water discharge hose is perfect for commercial and industrial settings, including the construction and manufacturing industries. It’s ruggedly built and ensures unbeatable performance, making it a great investment for your business.

Our high-quality product is unmatched in quality, reliability, durability, and performance. So, when it comes to your chiller application needs, look no further than our water discharge hoses. It’s time to invest in the best, invest in our 1005103-500 hose today!

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